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Road to the heart to the Live Events

Support or Ride with us to help professionals at the heart of AV & Live Events industry

Welcome to Bikefest Spain 2022


What is it?

Bikefest Spain 2022 is a  1, 2 or 3 days sponsored cycling event  from Valencia to ISE Barcelona from 29th Jan to 31st Jan 2022. The idea is to raise awareness for vital funds for those in the live events supply chain severely impacted by the pandemic. With the publicity we also want to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of other important areas such as inclusivity, sustainability and diversity.  

Why are we doing it?

  • A huge part of the Live Events community is still suffering the consequences of the closures & pandemic
  • We still need visibility for ongoing issues and many people still need funding support.
  • As a collective industry we add huge value to global economies and to the wellbeing of people we need to ensure that is understood by respective governments.


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Entry fee applicable for 1, 2 or 3 days, accommodation, breakfast and dinner included as applicable. Support vehicle and specialist bike hire available
A number of brand promotional opportunities for your company to be supporting this worthwhile cause.

Find out more


If you want to donate directly to the industry charities you can choose which charity /foundation and how much you would like to donate.

For Riders

Limited spaces! 

Please book early to avoid disapointment

The Route (360km)

👉🏻 3 days cycling along the mediterranean coastline.

👉🏻 Starting at Valencia City on Jan 29th.

👉🏻 Ending at Barcelona Fira (ISE 2022) on Jan 31st

Valencia -> Peñiscola (140 km)

Peñíscola → Tarragona (130 km)

Tarragona → Barcelona (95 km)

Low Relief.

If you cycle regularly you will see that it is a low relief ride.

Join the Ride and contribute

Ride with us to help our community of professionals in the AV/ Live Events industry. Many are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. The fees help towards costs incurred for this event, including your accommodation and meals as applicable. Any surplus will be added to the funds we are raising for the charities AAA and Backup. See the Terms & Conditions

1 day Ride
1 day full ride
1 BRONZE finisher Medal
2 food Recovery Meals 
Your name on the Riders List
Contribution to the Cause
2 Days Ride
2 days Full Ride
1 SILVER finisher Medal
6 food Recovery Meals
1 Hotel night
Your name on the Riders List 
Contribution to the Cause
3 Days Ride
3 Days Full Ride
1 GOLD finisher Medal 
8 food Recovery Meals
2 Hotel Nights
1 Cyclist Maillot 
Your name on the Riders List 
Contribution to the cause

Buy the Gear

Buy the Gear to help the Live Events community

Riding or not, you can always buy our merchandise for your own use and at the same time you will be contributing to our charity projects

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor and align your brand with our charitable values

By being Sponsor of Bikefest Spain you are contributing to help our community to raise vital funds,  helping those most in need, and aligning your brand to the importance of diversity and sustainability. 


Your brand aligned with important values

We are spreading the word about important values for our industry 


Helping the Live Events community that are still suffering the effects of the pandemic 



Riding more than 300km powered by your legs, is our symbol of a commitment to a more sustainable world and industry



Participating in a ride where there is no competition, where everyone will start and finish at the same time. Women and men together with a common target




We are committed to attract riders no matter which age, sex, race, country. All riding together for a common cause.


🥈 Support Sponsor

What you´ll get
Logo on Displays
Logo on Bikefest webpage
Silver Medal as sponsor

🥇 Premium Sponsor

What you´ll get
Higher positioning of logo on Displays
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Higher positioning on Bikefest website 
Golden Medal as premium sponsor

For Donators

Thank you for donating to BikeFest Spain 2022. Please find the link direct to the 2 charities below

In cooperation with

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Book your place at the Bikefest

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Terms & Conditions for BikeFest 2022 Entry Fees

1. The entry fee covers exactly what is described for the days booked as shown on the Bikefest Spain 2022 website.

2. Payment in full must be made before attending the event.

3. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they are fit and able to complete the selected ride and have personal insurance. 

4. Any travel to the starting point or end point is the responsibility of the individual participant. 

5. The organizers have the right to cancel the event at any point

6. If the organizers decide to cancel the following will apply:

a. Full refund will be given, with the exception of any payment for merch that is included in the price of the entry fee.

7. If a participant chooses to cancel the following applies: 

  • 21 days’ notice or more - a full refund of the entry fee will be given, with the exception of any payment for Merch included in the price of the entry ticket.
  • 8 to 20 days’ notice – there will be a cancellation charge of 50% of the entry fee
  • 7 days’ notice or less – there will be no refund. 

8.  If a participant gives notice of cancellation and is eligible for a refund, the organizer will fully refund the participant within 10 working days. 

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